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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Birthday Dinner

It's me again..
Had my 21st birthday dinner at Jom Cari Makan at Kota Damansara.

Just a normal dinner..
Nothing much tho.. Pictures are all in my mum's camera.
I'll try to ask the other pictures from my mum..
Would really like to upload more..
I only managed to take this picture of the cake my sister made for my birthday.
Nice? It's marble cake.
This time she made it just nice. It was moist..yumyum ;)

My bf came along.. sat beside me till i cut the cake and stuff.
Only my mum sang me my birthday song.
I guess the best part was they wanted to have a birthday dinner for me..
21st ma..

But it wasnt as great as it used to be..
I feel like it gets worst every year..
No other days to feel special other than your own day..
That also feel like shit.
But at least i knew they were there for me..

1st sis gave me a keychain and 2 voo-doo dolls.. ;)
2nd sis made me a cake!! ;p
mummy gave me angpao.. hehe!
daddy transferred lots of credit to me..
my bf brought me out yday..drove me to places we always went..ahhh..
Kesian he had to drive me everywhere..
I still havent gotten my license..

Im at home already.. it's 11:13pm.. another 45mins my day'd be over..
SIEN man.. diuuu

Anyways, birthday comes every year right?
Sigh, i stone now.. dunno what the fuck im typing also..
Damn it.. so sad man. >"<

Anyway, thanks everyone!!
Lots of love!


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