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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Cats I Feed Everyday

Hi there,

Just to share something with you guys. These 4 kuchirats you see eating are the cats I never failed to feed every single day and night. When i go to work and when i return from work.. Especially this fellow here, it's a female. She's really cute. I couldnt resist but want to play with her everyday. Whenever I dont see her around I get so upset and my day just feels so sad. LOL. Im not trying to be pathetic la.. just that having something u like and being able to see it everyday just makes u that little bit more cheerful :)

First and foremost, I have to apologize to my cat, Mian for feeding other cats in my neighbourhood. (Yes, those 4 kuchirats u see right above Mian ;p)

I never fail to feed them since I first saw the gold one :) Whenever I call it will come to me even from afar..Yes im not bullshitting, it's damn cute ok. If im not mistaken it's someone's cat. It's huge though and healthy but sadly one eye is sorta blind. You know those retinas with catarac? Kesiiiiian.. *To the owner who happens to read this post, dont worry I wont take ur cat, I just want to pamper and feed it as much as I pamper my Mian that killed my leg 2-3months back. Photo will be uploaded and u will know what I mean.)

And recently, like what.. last weekend, I was already sick, fever + sore throat + flu + cough! I wanted to cook, so as usual la you have to prepare the ingredients etc,etc,etc. Then all of a sudden, when i was just about to start making *ching chiang*, Mian came from behind. *Meooooooowing* nonstop as usual. At first it's not annoying u know, but then when u think about your neighbours, then no choice have to open the door for that bugger to masuk right. Aiih, but i got reason for not letting that fatty in.. It will chase the other cats in the house ma! All males, what to do..wanna terrorize each spot of the house la..

Ok nvm..back to story. When i let it in, I brought out wet food for it to eat. It just smelled and kept meowing nonstop. I tak tahan, i shouted at it..i whacked it cuz it tumbled the bin full of raw chicken fats!!! It still wanted to korek.. I put the bin on the washing machine and continued slicing onions, blablabla...Then manatau, out of no where that fatty meowed and followed by an agonizing bite on my leg! (hehe, not so serious as the first one..saja ni ;p) It bit me and i could see its freaking gigi marks, 4 of them but only 1 was small puncture!

WTF.. i got soooooo mad i used the vacuum cleaner and shooed it behind the house. Left it outside *crying* to let it in.. I just ignored. I really dont know what has recently gotten into him!

When i first found it outside my house, I assume it was around few months - 1years of age. It was already quite big. Then it was still a lil tame, we used to let it sleep with us, hug it.. All of a sudden, it turned into this chicken backside gila cat with gila attitude. WTF? Can any cat owners out there tell me why that fatty has adopted this siao attitude? I really sayang that fellow, but it's too dangerous! Wanna neuter that fellow like damn kesian. Aiyo, u can see what that fatty so handsome!! :(

There love bites with lurrrve ;p

Can u see the darker part? That was a serious puncture i had there. The others was -.-"
Fatty Mian scratched me with all his heart..without even knowing that I love him. Cats have feelings too i guess. If not takkan it wud come when i call it Mian?? Some more damn gedik-ly!

This is NOW:

The forever love bite with lurrrve~~

I just realized my back to the topic was those 4kuchirats and not my cat. Hahahaa...

I just love the gold one so much.. and the other gang with 1 kitten. I was walking back just now, i saw it from far.. I called it came to me. Usually it wouldnt let me touch it.. LOL!! So cute!!! Then when i bend down only, all 3 would come and push my hands.. SOrry no gambar la, everyday i dont have enough hands to carry anything. Have to buy food for dad and stuff with my stupid heavy kiddy bagpack ;p

Oh well, Im happy spending money on them. I wished I could bring them home but I dont think I am ready to look after it as my house dont really have sufficient for it to run about. Too many things around. The poo.. Recently my hammie just died, Im at fault for not spending enough time with it.. It used to be so hyperactive. Whenever my dad or I go near it would come hang like monkey.. But few months back I was so busy I didnt know her condition was so bad. She must have suffered so badly in silence. She did cough badly too but I didnt have the time to bring her to the vet. At last one day when i wanted to bring her it was too late! There was this growth in her, i tot she would have gotten better after the vet. Instead that growth moved from her tummy till her neck! I dont know what was that. The vet said if she had burst the puss, she might just drop dead and die.. i was totally speechless.

Every single day my dad is blaming me for her death..and my other hammie which he looked after. I wanna say i have no time, i have no money yes..that was before..i had no time? yes i didnt have time, I wasnt even at home most of the time. I didnt have transport to go to work, i had to stay with my bf and asked him to send me to work everyday. I really missed my hammie.. who doesnt? Can u imagine if I had a dog? I already have a cat and I imagine what would I do if they left me one day? It's so sad.. and ppl in china are just whacking n killing the endangered species for their fur!! Ahhh... I watched that on another blog. Just so heart wrecking and cruel!! My parents are already vegetarians due to their own willingness and religion.. I never wanted to be one but i am half carnivor & herbivor = omnivor.. But still.. ahh..

I guess the people on my mailing list must be cursing on this post of mine. I never intended to type so long and so emo.. LOL. My main intention was just to show the cats that i feed and <3 everyday :)


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